If You’re New Here

I used call my blog “Shallow Thoughts” because I have a tendency to think quickly and in flashes of intuition. As a result my thoughts, unless I put work into them, can be very shallow. My efforts to train myself to think more carefully about topics that interest me are contained in this blog. I changed the name to Geoff’s Miscellany. The goal is two-fold:

  • write about whatever interests me for the sake of thought experiments and practice
  • write things that are meant to be useful to my readers

If you’re new here, these are some of the topics I’ve written about most:


  1. Writing
    1. Overcoming Writer’s Block: The Common Topics
    2. Always Have Something To Say: On Keeping A Digital Copia
    3. On the Liberal Arts
    4. Trivium 1: Grammar
    5. Trivium 2: Logic
    6. Trivium 3: Rhetoric
  2. Rhetoric
    1. Rhetoric and Dialectic: the difference and why it matters
    2. Rhetoric and Dialectic in Apologetics
    3. Charisma, Rhetoric, and Maintaining Personal and Audience Frame of Mind
  3. Mindset
    1. Mindset, Compliment, and Success
    2. Debating your inner monolog
    3. Proverbs and Stoicism: Approaching Adversity
    4. Growth and Biblical Wisdom


  1. The Virtues
    1. The Wisdom of Solomon 8:7
    2. Human Excellence: On the Cardinal Virtues
  2. Christian Discipleship
    1. How to Become a Christian
    2. On Virtue Lists in the New Testament
    3. The Christian and Power