My name is Geoff.

I am a seminary graduate whose degree focus was called “the pastoral track,” which means I took all the Greek and Hebrew courses possible. My undergraduate degree had a similar focus. This doesn’t make me right about a bunch of things, but at least I have good tools for studying the Scripture.

For the time being I am a high school teacher and a post-baccalaureate student at the local university in Mechanical Engineering.

I’m married to a wonderful woman named Avery. She’s not good at karate or anything like that, but she can dead lift and squat more than her body weight for several repetitions. She also has a great blog you can link to in my side bar.

My main interests in life are: sinning (let’s face it, my sanctification is woefully incomplete), New Testament studies, linguistics, Philosophy (ancient and modern), exercise science, mathematics (new interest), pedagogy, human performance (expertise, motivation, self-improvement, brain science, psychometrics, etc), and music of all kinds (but I’ll probably only post about silly contemporary music here).

I intend to post often. If I quote the Bible and do not indicate the translation, its the ESV. Otherwise I usually will say if I’m using my own translation, the KJV, the ISV, or the NET. Those are my favorites.

I write about what interests me. If any of it is helpful, thought provoking, or offensive please let me know.


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