Music Monday: Coheed’s Eraser

For those of sensitive ear, this song does have a bit of language.

My least favorite Coheed album is, by far, their newest. But this particular song is quite good.

The lyrics below are particularly awesome:

Turn the clocks back to the way things were
I never wanted to be this me
Erase, eraser
Show me back then the kid before the man
I don’t think this me is who I am

Now, I like who I am and the person I’ve become and am becoming. But it’s easy to see for almost everybody who is honest with themselves that they’re incomplete as they stand and that if they could, they would have done things differently.

In relationship to being a Christian, I think it’s true to say that everybody has two ideal selves: what we want to be and what God wants us to be. To find the intellectual solid ground where these no longer contradict one another is crucial for spiritual growth. But it is just as important to take the steps to get to our understanding of our ideal self that we currently have. And like I said, most of us can find places wherein we’ve actively opposed God’s will and also our own deepest desires to find our ideal self with the choices we’ve made.

This particular song, though mostly about artistic growth I think, brought these things to mind.


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