Going to Concerts

I went to my first concert in a long time tonight.

It was for an 80s coverband named the Spazmatics. They were pretty good.


  1. The BMI of the concert demographic has changed tremendously.
  2. The energy levels of audience members has had an inverse relationship with the BMI.
  3. When I was younger, I loved concerts, but I hated loud sounds. It was a love/hate relationship because I have abnormally good hearing. Now that I’m older, I kid you not, concerts are even louder. I used to go to metal shows. This was much louder.
  4. The song “Safety Dance” is still awesome.
  5. I also enjoyed “Walk Like an Egyptian.”

Over all it was a good experience. But my head hurts and sounds are a bit muffled. I suspect I’ll try to limit my concerts to orchestral/symphonic pieces from now on.


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