The World is a Simulation

The world probably isn’t a simulation.

Your senses give you access to the real world, but that access is still mediated.

Your perceptions can be inaccurate, your inferences can be wrong, and there can be data you missed out on.

A great deal of your worldview is false.

Another significant amount of it is not quite false, but simply fictional. It could turn out to be true, but we don’t know.

I’m not a global skeptic, I think that you and I can know things about the world through a sort of give and take between our minds, the minds of others, and the rest of the cosmos.

But just as viewing the world as a machine helps physicists ignore data to the contrary to find material and efficient causes in the world. But the world isn’t a machine.

Similarly, viewing the world as a simulation can help you control your life.

How so?

If so much of your worldview is false or simply made up, then you can choose which parts are significant, which parts to rewrite, and which parts simply do not exist (insofar as you give them no thought).

Eventually, as Dallas Willard reminds us, reality is the merciless “what” that we crash into when we’re wrong.

But the model (not complete or necessarily true in itself) of the universe, it being a simulation (rather your worldview being the simulation of the real world outside your mind), can be helpful.

If your down or feel like you can’t get out of a rut, decide to play the version of the simulation where you make good choices all day.

These are some thoughts.



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