Growth in Grace: Intention

The main idea is that in order to approach the Biblical vision of Christ-like character there must be a moment of decision as well as several moments wherein we actually intend to make the vision a reality in our lives in cooperation with what God’s grace is already doing.

In the previous posts in the series, I mentioned Dallas Willard’s V(ision)-I(ntention)-M(eans) rubric for personal transformation and then gave a picture of a Biblical vision for Christian character.

For many Christians that moment of decision was, of course, conversion and Baptism. For non-Baptists, perhaps this moment of decision was a conversion experience in early childhood or a settled disposition of the will to be like Jesus that just seems to have happened at some unremembered time.

Either way, there are also tiny decision on a day by day basis that must be made, but the point is that in order to be transformed into Christ’s character we must actually intend to do it.

The idea is that Jesus really wants us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:1-2) and that he really offers resources to see to that transformation (2 Peter 1:3-4) for those who receive his grace.


The main exercise I offer is very simple:

  1. Ask God’s assistance in becoming like Jesus.
  2. Decide to do something specific Jesus said to do precisely because he said to do it.
  3. Make a decision to help you move forward in the vision of life in God’s kingdom from the Bible I mentioned here or here.

Posts in the Series

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  3. Growth in Grace: Intention
  4. Growth in Grace: Means
  5. Growth in Grace: The Feelings


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