Music Monday: The Rolling Stones

When I was younger I really like the song Paint it Black. I now almost never listen to the radio, but right after telling my wife that I liked it as a kid, it came on when I turned the radio on on a lark the next day. Then later that day it came on the radio at the gym. I listened to it when I did my heaviest set on dead lift.

I’m not certain about why I like the song. I think I gravitate toward negative and depressing thoughts, so I found a friend in Mick Jagger. Interestingly, I found out that my sarcastic, over confident, and paroxystic (new word based on paroxysm I guess) dancing style was similar to Jaggger’s after seeing a Stones video in high school. Amongs people who’ve seen it (I don’t dance in public any more), my dance moves are legend. A friend and I once stopped a hardcore show by dancing so intensely that the lead singer gave us a shout-out as all of the weaker, smaller, and less intense metal heads backed away from us in awe or a brief sense of rational self-preservation. Nobody was hurt.

Anyway, I hope this song helps you have a bright start to your day.


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