Music Monday: Andrew W.K. Edition

The first time I heard this guy, I thought he was hilarious. I remember being at K-Mart and looking on the back of his album in high school. I was shocked because so much of his music had to do with partying. I mused, “This guy’s a joke and on purpose.” Anyway, when I was in college a friend showed me this song. Note how happily it starts and sounds, but the lyrics are completely frightening and morbid. Anyway, I suppose that a good way to start your week is to get ready to die. So, you’d better get ready to die.


This is your time to pay,
This is your judgment day,
We made a sacrifice,
And now we get to take your life.

We shoot without a gun,
We’ll take on anyone,
It’s really nothing new,
It’s just a thing we like to do.

You better get ready to die
(Get ready to die)
You better get ready to kill
(Get ready to kill)
You better get ready to run,
Cause here we come
You better get ready to die!

Your life is over now,
Your life is running out,
When your time is at an end,
Then it’s time to kill again.

We cut without a knife,
We live in black and white,
You’re just a parasite,
Now close your eyes and say good-night.


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