Things To Do In Your Twenties

I turned 30 on June 12th. I’m not too keen on celebrating birthdays. The parents do all the work to ensure your survival. It should be a “parents’ day.” On the other hand, getting things from people is nice.

Anyway, although decades are arbitrarily chosen as milestones. I reflected for weeks leading up to the big 30 on what I could have done differently in my twentieth decade. Here it is:

  1. I should have started listening to classical music earlier. It is simply very beautiful and while I still love the bands I listened to through my twenties, it was a mistake to think that classical music was boring based on almost no exposure to it.
  2. I should have memorized more Scripture. If you’re a Christian, you really do not need to be some super Bible scholar. But it is important to store the word of God in your heart. Here’s to a decade of memorizing more big chunks of Bible.
  3. I should have finished a STEM degree or a vocational training opportunity. If you’re a man and you’re under 30, try to solve this before you finish out the decade. There’s no sense having no earning power because you followed your dreams and got some silly humanities degree or worked at a coffee shop for 12 years w/out promotions.
  4. Learn to flirt. Getting married helped with this (thank God, being unskilled at flirting while married would be a nightmare) but I was unskilled at the art of flirting. I could be charming, I’ve been told by friends, but I had no idea how to actually flirt with a woman I found interesting, a combination of luck and skill from reading Ovid helped me get married.
  5. Learn to be organized. When I was a kid, I found the IQ test results from a test my parents had me take. The results were impressive to me. Because of the arrogance this produced, I excused myself from anything that “normal people” had to do to keep up with life. I kept up with everything in my head. This was stupid. I think I was a “clever silly. ” As life gets more complicated, the lack of useful organization habits makes everything a choice and thus everything is exhausting. Don’t do it.
  6. Learn hobbies besides video games. This is so obvious, I shouldn’t have to explain it. But I will. If you’e logged 10,000 hours on guitar hero, you have no actual guitar skills. You’ve pretended to do something fun, meaningful, and impressive and thus achieved nothing. A good video game can be like reading a novel, but seriously get a good hobby. Btw (I found lots of things to do besides video games, I only play them a couple of times a year whenever I’m melancholic or can’t sleep well for a few days).
  7. Read more fiction, watch less movies. I used to sleep very little. But often, when I finished reading theology or translating Greek I would watch movies at like 3:00 in the morning. I should have been reading Tolstoy, Austin, or Tolkien.
  8. Learn to cook. I found, when I was about 22, that cooking was very easy. It was as simple as following instructions. Cooking is fun, tasty, helps you become a creator rather than a mere consumer, and so-on.


  1. Nice! I could still learn from some of these (e.g. reading fiction instead of movies). Here’s another one from me, as I reflect on turning 40 tomorrow: Use the milestone as an opportunity to leave certain sins behind – learn the phrase ‘that’s what I used to be like in my twenties (or thirties). I’m through with that now.’

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