Mood Music

Over at voxpopuli, Vox posted on mood programming music. I would not have chosen most of his choices, but he apparently was in the band psychosonik (I’m pretty sure they made music for the Mortal Kombat films). I shouldn’t expect his musical tastes to be similar to mine or even to standard humans. His categories are:

Best 5 fire-it-up songs

Best 5 philosophy songs

Best 5 get-off-the-canvas songs

Best 5 romance songs

I thought this was a cool idea. Here are my thoughts:

Best 5 fire-it-up songs (for the weight room or punching bag anyway)

  1. Fuel by Metallica (S&M version)
  2. Animal I have become by Three Days Grace
  3. Mars the Bringer of War by Gustav Holst
  4. The Crowing by Coheed and Cambria
  5. Black Wind, Fire, and Steel by Manowar

Best 5 philosophy songs (songs about philosophy or songs for reading philosophy?)

  1. Every Thought a Thought of You by mewithoutYou
  2. Somebody Told Me by The Killers (this might be about the Gettier Problem)
  3. Vesuvius by Sufjan Stevens
  4. Carnival of Souls by Saviour Machine
  5. Ready to Die by Andrew W.K.

Best 5 get-off-the-canvas songs

  1. Can’t Stop by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
  2. Defy You by The Offspring
  3. Harder Better Faster Stronger by Daft Punk
  4. FMZ4 by Mortal (this might be about revenge against a vampire from space)
  5. Here We Are Juggernaut by Coheed and Cambria

Best 5+2 romance songs (I like more romance songs than I thought…)

  1. Pearl of the Stars by Coheed and Cambria
  2. George Romero Will Be At Our Wedding by Showbread
  3. Does this Inspire You by Josh D.I.E.S.
  4. Burn by The Cure
  5. Dance Dance Christa Paffgen by Anberlin
  6. She is Beautiful by Andrew W.K.
  7. Nightcall by Kavinsky

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