Thoughts and Observations

  1. When a leader offers you delicacies, be careful what you eat. You can end up owing a rich man things you could never afford to repay.
  2. When somebody claims to “love science” they almost always do not know what it is, how its done, or anything about its history. In fact if somebody uses the phrase, “My science sense is tingling,” or talks about how they deny some religion, some ethical axiom, or refuse to utilize basic logic in their arguments because “science,” the more likely they know nothing about science at all.
  3. Insulting somebody after you dismantle their argument isn’t ad-hominem it is just good old fashion insulting. Ad-hominem is insulting the person to discredit his ideas. Insulting somebody after demonstrating their ideas to be false is just icing on the rhetorical dessert.
  4. The friends I have most in common with are a Coastie, an Army Ranger, some missionaries, a New Testament scholar, a harrier pilot, an Army Ranger, some engineering majors, nurse, a lawyer, and a couple of pastors. Our commonality is either our sarcasm or the gospel. I hope it is the latter.
  5. My wife wrote a post for young women about refusing to date cads and misanthropes. In my spare time I’ve been studying social-psychology studies about human pair bonding. The science is telling. Women potentially tend to prefer cads and idiots if they do not try to use things like reason or obedience to Christian principles in their sexual/romantic decisions. I may make a post in the future summarizing the findings, but here are some. Please see the studies cited in the articles. The third link is to the study itself. As it turns out, some times women are attracted to men who exhibit appetitive aggression (read as violent tendencies). Note: I typically think that evolutionary psychology is simply silly, but these are studies of traits. You can accept the data without accepting what the authors think it means about ancient human history. Just-so stories are for fairy tales, not academic journals.

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